Side By Side is entirely run by volunteers and led by a volunteer board of directors.
Get to know them below. 

Matt Inman, President,

Elected President in 2017 after serving the board as a director for many years. Has travelled to oversee Side By Side's multiple projects and continues to seek new and effective ways to break the cycle of poverty for vulnerable children and their families. 

Regina Millard,
Vice President of Operations,

Currently serves in emergency services and other ministry efforts at South Albany Community Church in Albany, Oregon. Has served in international mission efforts in Kenya for many years. Formerly served at the executive level in managing human resources in the Federal sector and as a senior consultant to Federal government agencies.

Max Inman, President

Ed Sale, VP of Fundraising,

Member of Fairfax Circle Baptist Church and has previously served Side By Side as Treasurer. Has travelled to oversee Side By Side's projects on multiple occasions and serves to further develop the organizations activities through fundraising. 

Max Inman, Treasurer, MINMAN5@VERIZON.NET

Senior advisor for Mercator Advisors, LLC. Retired from the Federal Government with 33 years of experience in grants management. Is a director and Treasurer for the Duke Street Trinity Baptist Memorial Foundation. 

Caitlin Schall, Board Member
Carrie Ragona, Board Member

Caitlin Schall, Secretary,

Served with youth and children in many different capacities both on staff and as a volunteer. Experienced in non-profit administration, communications, grant writing, and granting policy. 

Carrie Ragona,

Serves in multiple ministry capacities at Fairfax Circle Baptist Church and works as a music teacher in Fairfax County, VA school system. 

Ron Sprinkle, Board Member
David Magnet, Board Member

Ron Sprinkle,

Serves in a Small Group Teach/Leadership position at First Baptist Church of Oviedo, Florida. Works as a Program Manager/Software Architect of Science Applications International Corporation Orlando, Florida. Retired U.S. Army. 

David Magnet,

Serves as the lead pastor of Fairfax Circle Baptist Church. Oversees day-to-day operations of the church, supervises a team of both full-time and part-time staff, and works with volunteer leaders to carry out the church's mission. Also served on the board of the NorthStar Church Network. 


Cindy Schall,

Teaches animal science to high school students in Arlington County. Member of Memorial Baptist Church where she has served as President on the church Foundation. Through the Arlington Academy of Hope, has supported a rural Ugandan boy's education from primary school through college.