Kelvin Joins the Embakasi Project

The Embakasi Project works in Eastern Nairobi in partnership with our friends at Royal Diadem Centre of Excellence, to break the cycle of poverty weighing heavily on orphaned and fatherless children. Of the estimated 1.9 million orphans in Kenya, many have been abandoned by a surviving parent or other relative who is unable to provide care due to financial needs or health conditions. 

While Side by Side continues to encourage in-country adoption for children like these, the Embakasi Project focuses on providing the education they need now to one day become self-sufficient. By providing school tuitions, Side by Side relieves the guardians of that extra financial burden while Royal Diadem provides other assistance to the families. An exciting observation Royal Diadem has noticed in the field is that even by providing education for one child, his siblings will also have opportunities to learn and gain from his education. The project is currently supporting six children and four families. 

At sixteen years old, Kelvin is an exciting addition to our Embakasi Project following the expansion of the program's qualifications that opened the program to older students. Kelvin has had to learn independence at an early age. After having lost both parents, Kelvin was living alone without a bed, adequate clothing or food before a friend connected him to Royal Diadem and he was able to apply to the program. Royal Diadem has helped Kelvin enroll in a quality high school and his future is brighter because of our awesome donors!