Even children with a living parent may be abandoned if the parent feels unable to provide for the whole family. Side by Side has committed to walk alongside these children through their high school education. 

Eleven children, who have lost both parents or one parent, are currently enrolled in the Embakasi Children's Project, named for a neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya. Side by Side Ministries provides for their education expenses. Our Partner, The Royal Diadem Centre works on the ground to distribute funds and meet the families' other needs, ensuring the children are able to attend school. 

Targeted mission

To provide education to orphaned and vulnerable children in Embakasi.

While the government in Kenya has established a very limited number of pilot programs to provide cash grants to poor households with orphans and vulnerable children, our Embakasi Children's Project takes a wholistic approach to orphan intervention by working with surviving family and guardians. 


  • Identify and enroll 15 children in the Embakasi Children's Project, providing education costs through high-school education and preparing them for entry into university or learning a trade
  • Deepen relationships with schools in Embakasi
  • Align with government progression on Kenyans fostering and adopting Kenyan children

Why embakasi?

Nairobi, Kenya is divided into a series of areas, one of which is Embakasi. Embakasi is located in the traditional African part of Nairobi called Eastlands. Today, Embakasi is made up of low income neighborhoods surrounded by slums, with some middle class neighborhoods. The need to provide the basic essentials of life for children is enormous. 


The project began to emerge in 2009 when members of Fairfax Circle Baptist Church (FCBC) were holding a training course at the Nairobi Gospel Centre International (NGCI). While in Nairobi, the team began learning about the circumstances of orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya (of which there are an estimated 1.9 million). The church continued to learn more during visits to Kenya in 2010 and 2011. Since 2011, representatives of Side by Side Ministries have visited the Embakasi Project four times, most recently in 2018. As a result of these visits, FCBC and NGCI formed a partnership to benefit children. NGCI formed The Royal Diadem Centre for Excellence and FCBC started Side by Side Ministries. The two work together to reach the project's goals.