Side by Side Ministries is a non-profit, totally volunteer, organization serving the vulnerable through physical, emotional, and spiritual support appropriate to culture and circumstance. 


About Us

We are Christians whose hearts are broken by poverty.
We are a community with a passion for improving the circumstances of vulnerable children.
We are volunteers committed to making a difference by addressing root causes of problems.

How We Spent Our Money in 2017

Our administrative and fundraising costs are only 2% of expenditures and are paid by the Directors. 100% of contributions from Friends (Individual Donors) goes directly to supporting our Partner Projects. Our donors pay 0% overhead.

OUR beginning

Side By Side was started by church members who had seen and met children in poverty. They came together and decided to make an organization that could reach out and make a difference. 

What We've Achieved

  • We have provided over $100,000 for our partner projects.
  • These funds have assisted hundreds of children in attaining a quality education.
  • We support eleven children's education and have promised to continue through their high school graduation.